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Even though the process of felling trees might be a relatively easy task, getting rid of the stump might be harder. Whereas felling a tree might not require so much other than just cutting it down, getting rid of the stump will be more complicated. The process will need complex skills to get the task done and on time.

To many landowners, trees stumps occupy precious space. This space could get used from construction and in some cases cultivation hence the need to get rid of the tree stumps. Apart from just occupying precious space, tree stumps could also be hazardous to extent of causing injuries.


To ensure you get rid of the tree stump removal process successfully, you will have to use professionals. Some of these professionals include Daytona Beach county’s best tree trimming and tree removal services. The experts have the right tools and equipment needed to carry out a successful tree removal process.

There are so many methods that could get used to removing tree stumps from whichever area. Listed below are some of those methods.

Stump Removal By Hand

Even though this method is effective, it only works on small and rotting or old tree stumps. To get off a tree stump using this tactic, you will need some tools like chainsaws, digging bars,s and four-wheel vehicles among many other devices.

However, if you use improper tools, you may find yourself doing the process either halfway or even unable to carry out the operation. Also though the stump might look old, it may still have roots beneath it which might make the process of its removal more complicated.

In such a case, you will need to start by cutting off the roots using a chainsaw or an axe. After cutting the exposed roots, you will have to move on and pried the roots using a digging bar or a hatchet. After getting the roots pried, you will realize that they will be a bit loosened making uprooting them an easy task. From here, you can tie a chain between the stump and the vehicle and move the car in the opposite direction making the process of uprooting the tree stump much easier.

Using The Grinding Method

Even though this method is prevalent when it comes to removing tree stumps, it is always advisable to leave it to the experts. If you wish to remove a tree trunk using this method, you can rent equipment, and if not so, you can get a professional to do it for you who will come with their equipment.

Just like it is the case with the hand removal process, the removal process by the grinding method begins by cutting the roots of the stump. In case of any stones and other obstacles, the obstacles will have to get removed first. The use of a chainsaw in cutting the roots is much faster, making the whole process much easier less time-consuming. Since it will be hard for armatures to use the grinder, it will be right if the entire process gets carried out by an expert or at least under the close guidance of an expert

Tree Stump Removal By The Burning Method

The most cost-efficient way of getting rid of a tree stump is by the roasting method. This inexpensive method gets applied to tree stumps that get located in areas that have limited access to grinders. With this method, all you or your experts will need to do will be to light the tree stump. Holes get bored into the tree and later filled with potassium nitrate. After that, the holes get filled with water to allow for the dissolving of the chemical. After this process, the wood gets placed on top of the stump before eventually igniting stump.

The tree stump removal process can get carried out by so many tactics depending on the size and the position of the stump. The factors mentioned above are, but a few of the many tactics used to remove tree stumps. If you find it hard to remove the tree stump by yourself, you can contact a top company like Daytona beach best tree trimming and tree removal services.

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